Updating a subset of variables in a message

There are a few situations where I have a large number of variables in a structure but only some are going to have changed. I believe that if some of the variables in the message are null the serialization of the message will fail?

Is this correct or have I gone barmy? If it is correct what do people do to only update a few variables without resorting to multiple messages etc.


There was a bug a ways back that null elements would cause problems but that was fixed. I think the Vector3f serializer is the only one still broken.

but really… every null field takes at least one byte in the message stream. So if you find you’re doing that a lot it might be worth breaking up the structure differently.

Since I don’t know what the message is actually for, I can’t comment further.

Thanks alot for the pointers. I have a number of optimisations I need to implement so am currently working out the best way to do them. Bloomin network limitations :slight_smile: