Updating library

Hello there! :slight_smile:

I apoligize for asking this since it is probably a pretty basic question but I did not manage to find any answers elsewhere. Basically I’d like to update my jme3 library to contain some of the revisioned source instead of the classes implemented in it by default. Seems fairly simple I guess but I can’t figure out either where the libraries’ .jar files are or, frankly, how I’d change them if I did find them. :o

-What’s the standard solution to updating or changing the libraries?

Tyvm :slight_smile:

If you use jMonkeyPlatform press F1 and read the section about updating, basically you have to enable the nightly update center to go beyond alpha-3. For other IDEs, download the nightly zipped version as the wiki suggests.

In the jMonkeyPlatform hit F1.

Scan down until you see “Updating jMP”.