Updating to lwjgl2.0rc1

Hey guys,

Locally I've updated us from lwjgl 1.1.4 to the latest 2.0.  In doing so, I've also updated our lib file structure and made a handful of other changes to do things like disconnect the dependency of com.jme on com.jmex.  I'd like to commit this soon, but would like someone to help with updating the build scripts, maven, etc. stuff.  I don't use any of that myself, so I wouldn't trust myself to get them right.

Do you need help with the ant build scripts or just the Maven? I can help with the ant if needed.

Fixing the ant build script would be great.  I don't know anything about maven or who uses it, but I guess when it breaks someone will fix it.  :slight_smile:

Note that I've updated the libs to jme 2.0rc1.  The directory structure has changed and jogl support was added as well.  Anyone who could help fix the build script would be appreciated.  (Mark is not going to be around for a bit as he is expecting a baby today…)