Updating unit tests

Is there any compatibility reason why I should not update the v3-style JUnit test classes to v4-style while I am in there (just for the classes that I am adding tests to)?  Does anybody use some testrunner setup that depends on the ancient system?  jME itself has incorporated the v4 library since at least Feb 2007.

Since it can’t effect anybody who doesn’t run the unit tests, I went ahead and upgraded NodeTest with revision 4545 because I have a lot of plates spinning and wanted to get a descendantMatches behavior change off of my todo list.

I can revert the JUnit style upgrade if required.  To see the JUnit upgrade changes, see http://code.google.com/p/jmonkeyengine/source/diff?spec=svn4545&r=4545&format=side&path=/trunk/junit/com/jme/scene/TestNode.java&old_path=/trunk/junit/com/jme/scene/TestNode.java&old=4128, ignoring the matches() method which I just added.

i like junit 4 better than 3, i'm sure no one will mind.