Updating your sites Avatar

First off I love the new website so huzzah for the update… However having to use Gravatar for your Avatar is a titch annoying. I get the “why” behind it but it does add to a users personal account clutter that one gets over time.

ASIDE from that though I decided today to try updating the avatar to a new image. Logged into Gravatar, updated the image to something new annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd… nothing changed here.

I know this probably isn’t what you’d call a high priority or anything but I thought I’d just tell ya guys about it.

We’re as sad as you are about the BuddyPress devs phasing out their avatar upload support :frowning:

Your issue is probably just a caching thing. Can you show us a side-by-side of the two avatars so we’ll be able to tell if/when it’s updated? ^^

Sorry for the delay. Had a busy weekend. Any ways they are still very different as of today. Same email registration. Different avatars. Did you still want screen shots of my Gravatar account and jmonkey? The avatars are VERY different (The current one is a snap from an explosm comic, the one updated in Gravatar is a black and white photo of traditional native Taiwanese garb).

I have the same problem by the way…

Last I checked I still have it as well. I just got side tracked with other stuff so it kinda fell off my radar.

Update: I just tried again. No love.

I have the same issue.
It looks like some users that had an old avatar used with the old version of the forum (not the previous one but the provious previous one) still have them saved somewhere in the site abyss.

here is where @thecyberbob avatar is pointing to : http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/wp-content/uploads/avatars/17793/fd05f6a8be54b7775e94e5e210725128-bpthumb.jpg
and here is where yours is pointing http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/69fda0df8b4878fb6a18deffa972d26a?d=http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/wp-content/themes/balance/assets/images/no_photo.jpg&s=80&r=G

so no matter how often @thecyberbob or I change our avatar on Gravatar it doesn’t have any effect here.
Also that’s why our avtars are all blurry because the image is heavily stretched.

There must be some sort of old configuration that can’t be changed in the conventional way now that we changed the site twice.
Maybe things can be done in the database…
I already talked about it with Carl, but as @thecyberbob said before it’s far from priority 1.

Alright, finally had the time to take a look at this issue. :slight_smile:

It should force the usage of the gravatar in replies now - I still have to look at some other places, where the old images are used (maybe in the profiles, forum overviews etc.).

Just so long as it doesn’t break mine :smiley:

It did :frowning:

Hm, seems that I broke something.

EDIT: I inserted the old avatars again as long as I fix my plugin on the test site.


Works for me now. Thanks!

Edit: I redact the above statement. Back to old one. Buuuuuut whatever.

Cheers Carl don’t give up :wink:

Ok guys, :slight_smile:
I finally found a way to fix this - Since it’s impossible to know if a user wants to use his old avatar or the one from gravatar, I decided to simply ask him. Therefore, I added an according option in the user profile:

If you check this box, our site will … yeah… force the gravatar. :smiley:

EDIT: The plugin is not finished yet, e.g. I have to insert the new avatar in the top bar and some other places - But this should be fixed soon.

Ok. Well I’ll keep trying then. Just tried to select it. No change for me.

Well, I see your gravatar and for Rémy, it’s working, too. :slight_smile: Could be a cache thing.

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GAH! Yup. My bad. Sorry bout that. :slight_smile:

cool, mine updated as well, although i still see it on my profile, could be a cache thing, not sure. Thanks tho!