Upgrading OpenDS application (JMonkey 3.1)

Hi there!

I would like to upgrade OpenDS application (GitHub - PeterWinzell/car-simulation: OpenDS sources.) based on JMonkeyEngine v3.1 to the latest version.
I’m new to using JMonkeyEngine, and would like to know the steps needed to make that upgrade.

I believe that the documentation calls for Blender 2.49b as well, but I would also like to upgrade that as well - any tips you can provide on that would be great as well.
I’m already learning Blender 3.1 with Blender-GIS, but have not been able to get OGRE-Exporter plugin working.

I’m able to build and run OpenDS in IntelliJ, but would like to make changes to the game.

Appreciate any help.

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well, all JME libs i see are here:

so you would just need replace them and correct minor code changes.(i belive most was about animations)

About OGRE-Exporter i did not use it since long time, now you have GLTF new export standard supported by JME that support animations/etc. You can use Blender 3.1, just export to GLTF.