Urban Galaxy Online – Test events


We have opened up another test event of our, JME based MMORPG, Urban Galaxy Online.

This time, users will get the chance to check out the Mercenary class of the game, during this weekend (June 9-10).

For those of you who participated in the previous tests, here are the most significant changes, based on your feedback:

  • Dynamic random world events may happen while in a neighborhood
  • The role of the police has been upgraded and plays a significant role in the game
  • The lucky ones, might take a sneak peak of the first Raid Boss, appearing randomly on ‘Military Base’
  • Major performance improvements
  • A lot of bug fixes and enhancements, based on user input
  • The right side panel of the game’s web page, now offers a live feed of important actions happening in the game

    Feel free to give it a try at: http://www.urbangalaxyonline.com

    Many thanks to jMonkeys for their marvelous engine!


That’s a promising looking screenshot :slight_smile:

Yey, the performance really on my crappy Intel Graphics on my laptop! Thank you

Hi guys,

Another test event is taking place this week, from July 24 to July 27.

This is going to be the last test event, so as to evaluate the “Carrier” player class and the new “dynamic event system”.

Dynamic events can happen randomly while playing the game and players get the chance to choose a side and help their team to win. The outcome of the event affects their reputation against the factions of the game and the way the storyline is going to unfold.

After this test event and the user feedback we are going to get, we believe we will have a solid ground as to move forward completing the 1st episode of the game.


Nice, good luck!

I’ll finally be able to test this amazing game!

It says that the server is offline. Did I miss it, or am I doing something wrong?

Maybe the connection failed when you tried to play. The server seems to be online and working.

If you retry to connect by pressing the “Start” button and it still does not connect, please tell us so.

Looks like that people trying to play the game over wifi sometimes have issues downloading the game content, although I am not sure whether it is a UG issue, or Java’s HTTP connection problem.


I tried reloading the page several times. The application loads fine and I can see the feed on the right-hand side. I have been loading the applet in high detail with sounds on. It says there are either 0 or 1 users online, and 370 registered users. When I click “Start” it immediately says “Connection Error Server is Offline”.

I am running on a wired network on a 25Mbps connection using Google Chrome in Windows 7 64 bit. I tried disabling the firewall but still wasn’t able to connect. I can view the web page and log into the game just fine (not sure if they are on the same server as the game server or not…).

I also just tried to log in from my laptop (using Firefox in Windows XP 32 bit wireless connection) and I was able to log in just fine. It must be something weird with my desktop PC (maybe my 64-bit version of java doesn’t like it or something…).

I hope this information is helpful to you. If you want to know anything else, just let me know. :slight_smile:

Hey I’m having some troubles too. Might just be me missing something tho.

I got into the game, login works, sound and music seems to work, and I’m looking at a ship paperdoll kind of thing. There’s a slot for shield engine and one for power engine on the ship. To the left are some stats. To the left of that are a couple of empty rectangular areas. There’s nothing I can do tho, to move further. Is there supposed to be some stuff in those empty areas perhaps?

Tried reconnecting and waiting some, but it didn’t change anything. Gonna try later again. :smiley:

@johnmbergman The game web page and the server stats (online & registered users) are loaded from a web server using port 80. As soon as you press “Start” the game connects to the game server on port 50000. Maybe something on your network is blocking the connection to that port?

@androlo Are you referring to the panel where you get to create your ship, by selecting your initial ship and entering a player name? If thats the case, then the empty rectangular areas could be the preview icons of the ships that for some reason fail to load. Can you please try to delete the “urbangalaxy” cache folder located in c:Usersyournameurbangalaxy if you are using windows or /Users/yourname/urbangalaxy if on Mac? Maybe there could be some “gargabe” files left from previous test events that break the latest build. Alternatively if that fails, could you please check the java console for any helpful error message or can you post a screenshot of the problem that might help shed some light on the issue? Thanks for your patience.

Probally a proxy or something is blocking his connection.

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that we are alive and kicking and give you some updates on the latest development.

As we are getting closer to the public beta, we are going to migrate our servers to a cloud hosting solution, probably Windows Azure, operating on linux virtual machines. We plan to make some small changes to our server architecture in order to support multiple server instances on a need-to-use basis, in case the traffic goes high.

Our dynamic event system is also been updated, with new ideas poping up all the time.

We have also decided to turn the game into a f2p game with microtransactions, mostly used on assisting time-consuming tasks and cosmetics, rather than pay-to-win upgrades, which could break the balancing of the game.

In order to financially support the game’s launch (operational and marketing costs), we are also running a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo. We have some pretty cool rewards as well, so feel free to check it out!

Our main website will also have a design overhaul as soon as the game is getting closer to the release date, in order to be more user friendly.


Wow this is something really big uh, I’ve been following how I could your development, congratulations. It’s a hard choice to decide how you want to make money, as micro-transactions can lead to a bad idea if the players are among the in development countries. I wish you luck on your journey kinix!

Waiting for playing, really cool project!

I’m trying to donate, but the site keeps saying the credit card info is invalid (tried multiple times). It is also messing up the state/province in the billing section if you select a non-US country.

@Sploreg Thank you for the support!! This should be an issue related with indiegogo.com site and not campaign specific. We already have 3 contributions from non-us residents so it must something going wrong with your credit card. Maybe the indiegogo support could help you solve this and claim your perk.

We are planning to post weekly updates on the campaign site about the development progress as well.

Yea it seems paypal does not want to accept my card that will expire in one month. Of course they provided not reasonable error message to indicate that. I will just use a different card :slight_smile: