[Urgent] Please help me, JME3 + Android screen

Hi all,

I work with Virtual Reality, in university and I have a project 3D research and it run well with java 3D and JME3. Now I want convert it to JME3 on Android. By default, the AndroidHarness sets the application to run in full screen. But in my project, I want to run the application on tablette and on screen, it has objects 3D and buttons but I can’t find solution, it always has full screen, not button, I have search on Internet but I can’t find any answer. Anyone can help me , please.

I want screen as:



| objects 3D Jmonkey



| button 1 | button2 | button3 | button4 |button5 |


@normen said:
Just do the buttons with nifty, that will also work on other platforms but android, e.g. desktop/web or iOS in the future.

grrrr… this fucking idiotic post title and double posting too… you are collecting “-1’s” in my head already…

Thank you very much for your answer.

I’m sorry, this is the first time I’m on forum :slight_smile: