Usable Spheremap

I just can’t find any usable spheremap for my skymap.

any spheremap i use results in crap at the poles and in the documents it just says:

I can’t find any sample using a sphere map, where i could see, how it wold look like to fit onto this and the given spheremap here:

results in the same crappy look.
I am trying to find out, how i would make one and can’t find anything usable, so my question today is: How do i make a usable spheremap ?

Why dont you just use a normal cubemap instead? Spheremaps always have distortians at the pole , thats bacause the way theay are mapped. Good spheremaps can hide this however by putting single color stuff near them, like an ice continent.

You can actually rotate it so that the distorted part appears on the bottom. But then again, sphere maps are kind of considered obsolete at this point …

accepted :wink: