USB Keyboard Support on Android?


I’m using jmonkey as a rendering engine for an interactive arts installation, and am pretty impressed by how powerful it’s been so far. In the past few weeks I’ve been transitioning away from using a tethered PC to an embedded ARM prototyping board running Android, and am hitting a snag in that jmonkey doesn’t seem to support a USB keyboard on Android.

I’m using keyboard commands to adjust position and optical characteristics of a camera node, and my android device doesn’t currently use a touchscreen, so I need a more extendible type of input than touch events. My hope is to eventually move away from a keyboard to something more like a joystick or ps2 controller, but the basic premise is the same.

Is there a way to easily hook the native android keyboard into jmonkey via the android harness? All of my current key commands are handled through an AnalogListener, and works exactly how I need it to on the PC with a keyboard.