Use gradle for binary engine libraries

I watched the wiki, but there the documentation is outdated.

I’m trying to create a web service to generate a build script. How to create an application, I understand.

But how to get the engine files in the form of libraries with source code, documentation in order to use another IDE. I do not understand this.

Your subject implies that you want to use gradle… in which case the link you have shows how to get the libraries in gradle. Your message implies that you just want to download the libraries… in which case the link you provided also has the link for where to get those.

I want to automate, have lib, source, doc folders

They can be downloaded separately, but before they were available in one archive.

I think, to think up my “bike” on the python.

The -sources and -javadoc jars are up there with the binaries:

It should be possible to configure your build/IDE to find them automatically.

Maybe I do not fully understand what it is gradle and already wrote a web generator, I think it will be necessary to remake.

I’ll go read the documentation about gradle…

I updated the wiki to reflect 3.1.0-Stable and alphabetized the libraries list.

For some reason it said NiftyGUI isn’t available in JCenter but actually it is.

so I removed that statement and moved items not in JCenter to the bottom of list.

JME’s nifty wrapper is available in jcenter… but nifty itself is not, I guess.