Use InputHandler to handle Walkanimation?

Hi I got problem,

I ran through the Flagrush tutorial. There the Author uses self created Actions to move the vehicle and the vehicle is translated direclty in the InputHandler. Now I wonder how to play animations that way. Is there a way to modify the InputHandler like that:


if (keypressed)




if (keyreleased)




I found a Thread where this is handled in the update method of BaseGame, but I want to handle the animations in the InputHandler if possible.

Another question:

Is it possible to blend animation into eachother? Like, the walk animation is played, player stops pressing the forwardkey, the animation goes smootly into the stand pose.

I'm using the OrgeExporter for exporting the meshes.

I found out that the jmex.model.ogrexml.anim.MeshAnimationController has a method setAnimation("Animation", BLENDTIME); but setting the floatvalue BLENDTIME does't result in smootly blending into the stand pose.

Some codesnippets would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance