I am going to ask you a very simple question.

I have an existing Java Swing Applet.

I want to Use One SimpleApplication extended class in my application to load a model , rotate it and apply a texture on it. this is simple i want to accomplish.
I got succeeded in My Desktop application .

But when it comes to applet problem starts ,

I want to know to accomplish above simple goal how many jars i want to add in my classpath to successfully run this applet.

the sample Applet in this site failed to load on my computer ,
the sample Applet is loaded by LWJGL , my applet is loaded by JavaScript Deployment Script y SUN.

if i add all the Jars from the lib folder of the Project Dist directory , the download time would be so larger , so i want to download only needed library.

any working applet example or link would be appreciated .


I dont know much about that exact issue, but maybee this helps

Just make a project with the SDK and check the “applet” checkbox, there you go. No matter if you use that or just try to copy whats done there.