Use of SpatialTransformer

I was curious if it would be appropriate to use SpatialTransformer to rotate a pinball flipper. I had a way to rotate it previously, but it was updated every frame and was rotating too fast/slow depending on the resolution. SpatialTransformer looks like it is dependant on time instead of the framerate, so I’m looking to use that. I need to be able to rotate the flipper at the press of a button, stop the animation whenever the button isn’t pressed and stop the animation from looping. Is this possible? If it isn’t, is there a better way?



Making movement time dependant is really easy tho. If you’r extending SimpleGame you have the time since the last frame in a variable called tpf. So usage should be something like:

mySpatial.getLocalRotation().x += MOVEMENT_SPEED * tpf

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