Use of Steamwork DRM


Does anyone ever used Steam Digital Right Managment (DRM ?)

I ask especialy to whose who actually works with Steamworks.

My problem is that I got a message “jar file corrupted” when I wrap my executable with Steam’s DRM wrapper (online or sdk tool). I’ve tried many wrapper options but it ends with the same result.
Any ideas ? Maybe @phr00t ?

a) Why do the DRM shit anyway, users appreciate being able to run the app outside of Steam
b) Maybe try the new desktop deployment of 3.1, the exe is separate from the main jar file (doesn’t wrap it), maybe that is the issue here - after applying the DRM code it can’t be extracted anymore with launch4j.

Hello Normen,

a.1) if I allow user NOT to log Steam before playing Chaos, how to manage Achievements or gameServer callback for retreiving gameServer listing ? If Steam not logged, I probably cut off some features…

a.2) If no Steam check, the game could simply be copy-paste to hundred copies without any limits ? Right ? Or ma I wrong ? (huh… “hundred copies” is a bit optimist I guess :p, but you get my thoughs)

b) I haven’t migrated to the new SDK 3.1 yet, since the game was 99% finished on the 3.0 when 3.1 has been released. But thanks for the hint, I’ll should give it a try.

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I believe some game dev makes 2 versions: a steam-less (DRM free) and a steam-ful (for taking advantage of Steamworks). You should weight pro and cons of your distribution strategy.

Yes. Steam is just one of the many DRM options. You should decide what’s best for you. However Witcher 3 is totally DRM free and that should make everybody think… I believe that cdProjectRed once said about DRM: “The truth is, it doesn’t work…”. But of course they have their GOG store to promote.

You convince me and thus Chaos will get ride of any DRM.
Thank you both for your advices.


DRM has proven to be more of a waste and an obstacle for consumers than an actual anti-piracy measure. Pirates will always find a way.

Rather, provide extras that will make people more compelled to buy it than to pirate it: artwork, soundtracks, manual, etc. For free with purchase (which is the reason I buy more from GOG now).

Another Idea which I found interesting in one game is when I quit it, a window pops up thanking for buying the game and if it was not purchased, please do it at to also get the goodies I mentioned before :stuck_out_tongue: