Use TerraMonkey ingame, and autoset

Are there anyway to utilize the TerraMonkey interface within a game ? And if so, a way to limit what the user can do within the interface?

When generating a map from a heightmap, are there any way in which you can limit how high mountains can be ? (Note: Flatten Terrain)

Like this:

Level | type | grayscale level

0 = Sea (0-30)

1 = beach (31-60)

2 = land (61-120)

3 = hills (121-240)

4 = mountains (240-480)

5 = everest (480-513)

By doing this I’m hoping to create a bit more softer terrain like what you saw in Simcity 3… Also if this could be possible I could avoid a lot of resetting of the height while placing a plot.

The tools are part of the SDK, but you can take the code for them and use them in your game. Look for the classes.

In the doApplyTool() and subsequent modifyHeight() methods, you just have to check the current height of the terrain at each spot and cap it before you pass it into the terrain.adjustHeight() method.

Thx m8, as always you were the fastest to respond with a precise and easily understable solution :slight_smile: