User Guide 2.0 - Monkey World 3D

The Monkey World 3D User Guide has just finished major updating for the 2.0 release.  Outrunner and tGiant are doing final review and then it will be posted to the MW3D web site on sourceforge in the Files section.

This version of the guide is very much larger that the alpha 1.0 release and includes three detailed appendices on Best Practices, Recommended Reading, and Glossary.  I've also taken examples from popular games to flesh out a topic.  My goal in writing this guide is that anyone, regardless of coding ability, can work through the examples in the guide and come up with a level. 

In addition to the User Guide there is also a Keyboard Shortcuts document that can be cut out, placed above your keyboard, and used as a reference to the shortcuts in the editor.  These shortcuts are about to be expanded big time for the next release - but enough spoilers  ;).

Game on!

User Guide 2.0 is done !

Get it here:

Very nice, well done… Currently in middle of changing jobs/countries/java certificates etc… When everything settles down plan to give Monkey World a serious go, this will

help a lot, thanks…

wow, didn't know so much was in there

Awesome write/read