User Guide as PDF

basixs said:

Mark did a very nice job of explaining the classpath, something which is probably the #1 newbie problem.  Although I don't think you need to include each jar file explicitly, rather just the directory; and it makes it seem more more daunting...

:-o I think you didn't quite get what I did ! All I did was a parser that connects to the wiki and outputs a pdf. The content on the sample is the one in

basixs said:

Having said that, maybe we should edit it and link/include it in all 'setup' tutorials. 

And other than a little formatting problems (could be problems here) with the tabs, it looks pretty nice TomyGun :).

I was thinking the exact same today, as all the setup tutorials are scattered all around the place.

I would like everyone to understand that with this tool I'm making we could automatically convert the whole wiki to a pdf if we wanted with a few click, giving much more power to the wiki as every little thing someone contributes get packaged in the pdf. That way every one can easily contributes to our "book" :P

That's great Tomygun! Keep going.