User-submitted screenshot gallery - BETA

I’ve added a gallery that enables ordinary users to upload images to our site. This method of upload & storage is still not 100% decided, so consider this feature in beta for the time being, and make sure you hold on to your original images.

With a coder’s help we might figure out how to make it display an “uploaded by” that’s actually supported by the plugin, but it’s a theme thing. Also, in the near future we might also be able to automatically post uploaded images to, as well as our own channel. It depends on the plugin author updating it though.

The purpose is for showcase only or can we upload image for troubleshooting?

Ah right. Yeh I should have mentioned that this gallery is for all intents and purposes. Every image depicting anything jME should be uploaded here.

Looks like someone already broke the gallery with an insidious teapot, gj! :stuck_out_tongue: Dunno where the problem came from, but I fixed it by deleting the duplicate.