Using 3D tile set within a voxel engine?


Is it a good idea to use a block library (in which it manages chunks and auto batch blocks mesh in a chunk and blocks have a unit size) for building a tiled terrain?
So that each tile is a block in a grid except that tile size is not limited to unit size (a single cell).

or you think a block library is not a good choice for such case?

I am talking about terrain tiles like in this sketch

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To me you could have multiple layers. The terrain that is block world style and the objects that are like static entities. For example, the trees get no benefit to being thought of as blocks.

…unless it’s a light propagation issue and then everything is blocks and the trees are just arrays of blocks. (like a building/structure in Mythruna in the end is just blocks in the world)

Edit: or the objects like the trees are a hybrid where the tree is considered an object but there is also a stand-in block-based facsimile for calculating lighting.

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I see, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool looking scene, by the way.

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