Using alpha maps on pbr textures

Hello all

So long story short, I have a model that uses a png with some transparent parts as my diffuse map. I am currently trying to make a pbr texture for the model, tried to import the old diffuse map as a color map, and it does not seem to like it at all. Everything seems to be slightly see through. Is there something I need to do to make this all play nicely as a pbr texture?

for PBR if i remember correctly:

  • use png textures with alpha
  •   mat.getAdditionalRenderState().setBlendMode(RenderState.BlendMode.Alpha);

There is nothing special about PBR in this case.

So we’ll need some more information. Pictures, code… something.

Sorry about that. Here’s a pic of the issue…

The dark gray parts around the tubing should be transparent. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Where would I apply this bit of code? Sorry, im incredibly new at this.

in the code after import model.(or scene in your case)

if you want skip custom code. you need setup blender alpha blending option(so Blender will also show png alpha) and export as GLTF, once imported, it will already have “transparent texture”.

I don’t know what the top photo is or what the bottom photo is in relation to each other.

It’s also not clear what’s transparency and what’s environment reflection.

I think you still haven’t managed to explain the problem well enough for us to understand… but I am low on sleep so maybe it’s just me.