Using blender IK Poses in JME

Continuing the discussion from How to load Blender 2.75a models:

I would like to be able to create poses for animation key frames using IK and then be able to use them in JME. When I tried this I got an error message saying IK is not supported. I tried baking poses before importing which seems to work but is a lot of trouble when you want to change the animation. So now I just manually set each bone.

Hopefully your question implies that I’m mistaken and there’s some way to make it work?

You could try the 3.1 importer, it has some support for ik, but baking the animations is most likley the savest way, to ensure they behave as intended.

Thanks for that.

Probably the most straightforward solution would be to write a Blender script that does all the baking and saving to a separate file for JME to read. They I could use the IK all I want to build the animation and just run the script whenever I make a change. But that would mean spending several hours learning yet another scripting API which I’d prefer to avoid (lazy I know).

I think I’ll stick with my current approach for the moment.