Using Blender to Build Level

Hey guys, I've been reading a lot lately in search of the best way to build the scene (or level, whatever you want to call it) for my game. It's only going to have one level, and I'm thinking that the easiest way to set it up would be with Blender, but I wanted to know if this would cause any problems.

Lets say I'm making a house. I have a Blender model of the shell of the house, models of tables and chairs, and so on. Would I be able to import all of those models into one Blender file, place them in their proper locations, and export that one big file into jME? Would this cause any problems, like with collisions or anything like that? Or would I be better off trying something like MonkeyWorld?


With HottBJ-Exporter this is possible!

It's also possible with OgreXML dotScene plugin.  :slight_smile: