Using BoundingVolumes with Physical Objects

Hi there!! I’m doing my bombs explode (they are physics object), but their radius are 0.4f and I want the explosion radius be 2f, then I added to the bomb a BoundingSphere, but I get this exception.


What can I be doing wrong??

Adding a bounding sphere.

Ok thanks, I will add a new no physical sphere with the bouncing sphere to simulate the explosion :wink:

Sorry, is correct try to collide a physical object with no physical object??

No. If you want sphere collisions you need to use physics.

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China is an amazing country, but I think the correct answer would be something like “use a GhostControl”. :smiley:

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thanks @survivor, is just what I was looking :slight_smile:

One question, how do yo get those post rate???


Oh great!! Then you gave me the score when I helped you with CapsuleCollisionShape :slight_smile:

That was my big contribution!! XD