Using cinema4d models?


I found a professional 3D modeler for my project that can make everything for me. But he is not using blender.

He is using cinema4d

Is it also possible/recommended to use cinema4d models in JMP (in my game)?

Tried to search the wiki/forums, but I couldn’t find this.

For example: in which format the file should be exported when using cinema4d.


Ive read:

-Export to .3ds in cinema4d

-Then open the .3ds in blender, and export that to ogrexml right?

Maybe this is my answer.

You can export to OBJ and use that. It should work OK for static (non-animated) models.

Okay, and for animated ones …

Should I use the the method that I posted above?


.3ds files and .obj files dont contain animation, nor bones.

  1. Export to .FBX
  2. import to .3d studio max
  3. export with ogremax, (ogremax->scene settings → export xml)

You can try this:

I don’t know how good it is. But there was some success before with exporting Cinema4D models into OgreXML


if Someone have the same Problem.

Try I/Ogre Plugin for c4d with the Converter form OgreCommandLineTools

Easy config and Works fine for me