Using Cinematics with MotionPath

Should be ok now in last SVN revision

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. Downloading now.

I’m actually having trouble downloading the SVN. For some reason at random times my checkout will get stuck on 0 bytes/s and will just stand still. Is there another way I can apply this to my project in the sdk?

Since this is more than a day ago… Just update the SDK to nightly (read the manual on how to do that, you don’t want to break a stable SDK).

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Thanks Normen, working now

and thankyou nehon! works perfectly.

@kingdamian42 said:
Thanks Normen, working now

So you just updated your installed SDK? Just don't try to load any j3o files you create with the nightly version later. The manual entry I mentioned explained how to make a separate application for nightly.

I’m using this only for a small project, so I just did it in place. It’s not my main development machine so I’m not worried about it. I’m actually done using anything with the engine now that this is squared away.