Using collada loader and jogl renderer in custom application


I am working on application that uses WWJ (WorldWind Java SDK) as the core 3d engine. I want to add Collada support. Because i cannot find and opensource Java library, which would help me with that, i am

wondering if it is possible to take out parts of jMonkeyEngine and use them in my project.

Best case would be if i could take collada loader and jme render (jogl) part but I have no idea where to begin.

Thank you for any replies, even if they are negative :wink:

First of all, if you’re asking for permission to use jME code, you’ve got it, that’s what the BSD license is for.

Now as for the code you’re looking for, I’m not sure if jME really has everything you’re looking for. jME3 at least has neither a Collada loader or a JOGL renderer, so you’ll have to look into the jME2 source for both, but I don’t know what shape either are in.

Thank you for your replay.

I will look in jME2 sources. But anyway, do you know if there is any other opensource library/engine/application that can be used?

Yeah actually, forget about jME2. For your particular needs I think Ardor3D will be more suitable. Looking at their source it seems both their JOGL renderer and Collada loader is being kept up to date.

Btw, you do know that JOGL2 is being actively developed? So is LWJGL (jME3 renderer) for that matter, but it seems like you’ve set your sights on JOGL for whichever reason.

I have checked Arodr3D and it seems it is really good option.

I will ask for further information on their forums.

Thank you, your reply was really helpful.