Using FMOD


It has been a long time that i have not posted… I am trying to come back…

So It seems for me, after having seen the comments; that the actual sound module is a little buggy… That is a fact.

I have experimented the FMOD and it is very good.

So I have started to write a new system which seems more easy to handle, in my opinion (only one class to handle everything).

It is not yet finished but if it was it would need the last lwjgl (0.96) version.

Do you guys intend to upgrade?

And are you interested in the fact that I continue to write the sound engine with fmod?

Nice to see you again! I am definitely interested in an FMOD based sound module. Oh, and we’re already supporting .96 lwjgl in cvs.

OMG, i thought i would never see you again here! We missed ya arman!

yer, FMOD sounds very good, looks good, and is good! But i dont think dropping OpenAL completely for FMOD is a good idea…


Yes FMOD would be great (except it’s not free for commercial use) !


Thanks for your attention Darkprophet

It seems that some dlls are missing (like lwjgl-fmod3.dll), is there a reason for that? Did we let the old dlls for compatibility or ?

That was me

The fmod based sound system base has been committed, but you will need lwjgl .96 jars and dlls to play with.

And also fmod.dll

that you can get there

Cool! I downloaded the lwjgl-fmod3.jar and lwjgl-fmod3.dll from the lwjgl site. I think if you already commited the base, might as well commit the required stuff so that jme builds correctly.

Great stuff!


Commit of new libs : Done

Awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on this…

One question though: have you designed it so that it’d be easy to pop in OpenAL instead of FMOD? I’m not sure exactly what the feature differences between the two are, but the fact that FMOD is not free for commercial use is a clear downside.

Hello all,

I agree with Per, Fmod is commercial and it’s a very big downside.

Furthermore i believed that the goal of future 0.9 version was bug fixing, perhaps it would be a good point to fix openal support before adding new features like Fmod support…

(well i’m not very objective, i definitively don’t want to use fmod… :wink: )



I have not designed the new module on the paper but I have a global view: Everything will be handled by a unique class:–>SoundSystem.

If I and You are convinced by the new module implementation, I intend to rewrite the actual module like the new one I am writing. I really think that the new one will be better :smiley:

I apologize if some of you have started a project using the actual sound module (which I really doubt of) the classes should become deprecated soon.

I take the opportunity to ask you :

Would you like me (or mind if I rewrite) to rewrite the actual sound module?

FMOD is not free for commercial use, but compared to other licenses, it’s not THAT expensive either. They even have a shareware/hobby license for $100 or so. If you really are making a commercial game, I’d hope you would be able to make that kind of thing back fairly easily or why bother.

Anyhow, that said… It would be nice to focus on a rethink of the sound package as a whole for .9, using OpenAL (AND FMOD too as something pluggable.) We’d like to lock the core api in place as much as possible in the next couple releases. So, looking at that would be appreciated Arman.

I think the sound in jme as a whole is pretty cumbersome, I’d like to see it improved. The captK SoundManager class simplifies it quite a bit though there are other problems that need addressing on the sound too. Of course I’m biased here, I always think it’s a great idea for someone else to fix things :slight_smile:

hello Arman, may i bring the last post of the following thread to Your attention ?

in short it states that the jme build.xml has to be changed in order to work with fmod

can You please update this as well ?

edit: or better yet make fmod optional so the build does not complain if it’s not present

will do as soon as I can