Using Fonts and Text

Hi guys,

I want to draw some text on my template-buttons for the main menu. I found several font and text classes that seem to be predeterminend for this appliance. But the problem is that I don't know how to place them on the right position on screen/texture.

How can I manage this?

Thanks a lot

self-made buttons. the easiest way would be drawing 2D Images on the screen. But I think this is not possible with jme so easy.

Somewhere else I read that you have to use these quads with the orthogonal perspective and give them a texture.

The only problem is that you can'T place these quads on a certain screen position but have to move the camera. Am I right with that?

But how would you do it with your simple textures?

what kind of buttons?

fenggui, gbui, or ordinary jme quads ?

I'd probably use simple textures if you don't use too many different buttons.

Something like that creates a simple quad with a texture rendererd in ortho queue.

No need to move the camera.

   private void createButton(int w, int h, int posX, int posY) {
      Quad q = new Quad("button", w, h);
      q.setLocalTranslation(posX, posY, 0);
      TextureState ts = display.getRenderer().createTextureState();