Using imageSize to dynamicall resize an image?

I’m trying to set up an effect on certain images on the screen that will cause them to change size, to indicate that they have focus. I’ve run into two issues trying to get them to work.

For starters, when testing the effect using the ‘onStartScreen’ effect, I noticed that once the effect finishes the image switches back to its original size. Is there some kind of attribute that I can set in the XML tag to keep it at this new size?

My second issue is that while I know how to trigger effects for panels or controls, I don’t know how to trigger effects for images. I’m trying to manually set the focus in Java on a key press. Is there some type of image control object I can use to reference the image and start its effect?

Effects trigger the same way no matter what object type they are, so long as its visible to the input method. (i.e. for onHover effects it needs to be visible to the mouse).

set neverStopRendering=“true” to have an effect continue for ever…