Using JME 3 for Image Segmentation

Hi there JM3 Community

I’ve just found the way to this amazing piece of software called JM3. I was looking for an interface to use OpenGL out of my Java projects. At the moment I’am working on an algorithm to do some image processing steps where I d like to segment some content out of a 3D MRI Volume. What I do like to accomplish with JM3 is to build up a mehs programmatically and than use this mesh to find all points of my 3D volume which are inside (intersects) this mesh. The creation of the mesh is not the problem, but at the moment I don’t see the “correct” way of finding all the points that intersect with my mesh and the 3D data. One idea could be to define a bounding volume or to use the MeshCollisionShape class to fullfill my goal. Does anyone has some experience with this kind of question?

Thank you very much in advance for your replies.


I’ve found one possible solution for this kind of problem. I can select a random point that lies outside the mesh and than count the number of collisions to each point in my 3D volume. If the counter is odd than the point lies within the mesh.

Any other solutions?