Using jME on Mac OS X question

Hi, I run Mac OS X (10.3.6) and recently a preliminary OS X compatible LWJGL version came out .

My question is how do I get it and it’s associated files to work? What exactly need to be set-up so it will work with a mac? I have had no success so far, but it must be doable.

If anyone could walk me through what I need to do to get jME to work it would be very much appreciated.

We are not currently setup to support Mac yet, but now that LWJGL is done with their port we will start testing and hopefully get that support going. Look for more later this week.

Just a note on this… I’ve worked out several bugs and our Mac implementation (locally) is starting to come together nicely. Just a few more issues to solve in the evenings after work but I think you can look for Mac support by week’s end.

Ok, so far I’ve fixed a bug we introduced in our lwjgl migration when LWJGLDisplaySystem was ported. In that port, the whole setting of depth buffer bits, multisamples, etc. was lost on all Platforms. On windows evidently a default depth buffer of something like 8 or 16 bits was being setup, so we didn’t notice the loss. On mac, the default was 0 bits resulting in no depth buffering! That’s fixed now, so you can get your multisampling, alpha bits, depthbuffer bits, and so forth now.

Also, I’ve fixed a problem in our TextureManager that prevented non TGA/BMP images from loading in Mac. So now other image formats supported by java’s ImageIO class are accessable on Mac such as JPG. Yay!

These changes are comitted as well as the binary files for mac (2 mac bin files are in /lib/) the only other thing though is that you currently need a custom lwjgl.jar which you can find linked from the lwjgl forum.

Note: lwjgl’s mac support does not include Pbuffers yet. So no render to texture, Imposters, etc. Also, I’m still working on another issue… seems the camera just doesn’t point the same direction in Mac as it does on PC. Very odd… Maybe GLU.gluLookat(…) is not implemented correctly in Mac yet?

Ok, mouse issue fixed with a small patch on our side. :slight_smile: Now hopefully they get Mac pbuffer support and we’ll be pretty much feature complete.

Ooo I’ve been waiting for this - will have to try it out. :slight_smile:

According to lwgl forum he’s comitted pbuffer support, I’ve had no trouble with the jME demos so far! Looking good :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear when jME is working on OS X. Thanks.


Well it works now, renanse just has to get the latest with pbuffer support. :slight_smile: I’ve got it open on my mac in eclipse right now and have been working with it.

On it. :slight_smile:

well pbuffer works by just popping his newest libs, but it’s really slow on my machine. Let me know how it works for you guys.

Can someone fire me the LWJGL binary files needed to make this go (or post them somewhere where I could grab them)? The links provided on the forums are to an unresponsive machine.

You can reach me via tone-dreadnought1914 via



I haven’t been able to get it to work for me, exactly how and what did those of you who were successful do?

To make it work, you need the files: liblwjgl.jnilib and openal.dylib in your working dir. You’ll also need to use the newer lwjgl.jar (have that in your classpath as normal). These files should all be pulled from the following links until lwjgl provides a .94 build which (I would imagine) will contain these items:

I’ve just tested these links and they work ok. If they don’t work for you, wait and try again later.

PS: When downloading one of these, the jnilib I think, my Mac asked me if I wanted to append .txt to the file. Choose not to do that if it happens to you on any of these.

Thanks renanse. I have the demos working.

If anyone is still having trouble making it work on their Mac, feel free to IM me (AIM:StupidLagger) or email (watch for challenge-response anti-SPAM reply) or call (+1 617 995 8113 – US East Coast).