Using jmonkey node in lwjgl: problem


I am a student of university Bremen and we are programing a simulation of sand behaviour.

For the graphic we used jMonkey-Engine, but we had problems with drawing more than 120.000 triangles. The program was slowing down.

Our current solution is a lwjgl implementation. The model loading is doing by a class which i wrote for jMonkey. But now (by lwjgl solution) i have the problem that the bounding box of the loaded object is always in P(0;0;0). That means that the bounding box is not recalculated although the object is moving and you can see this on display.

If i tested it in the native jMonkey-Solution, allthing works.

Could it be, that the bounding box is updated by the simpleUpdate-Method of jMonkey?

(If it is, how can I update it manual?)

(Sorry for my bad English)

look at Node.updateGeometricstate()  thats usually called each frame.

Thank you for your answer. I will try it and write the result on monday (13.04.2009)

The recommendation to use "updateGeometricState" was the solution. The BoundingBox is updated with the object without problems.

I will post the result as a video at the end of the project. (July 2009).