Using JointController with MD3

I want to work with some Quake MD3 player models. By browsing the forums I have found some references to this being dificult because normal Quake models consists of many parts. Even though, I am making an attempt to it, and, as you may suppose it, I am experiencing some problems.

In particular, I'm trying to join together the three parts of the models (lower, upper and head) in such a manner that if, for example, the feet fall to the floor, all the rest goes with them. After some unsuccessful attempts I am thinking that this may possibly be handled by using a JointController, unfortunately, the documentation on using it is scarce and I'm not advancing as I would like. If somebody can give some pointers on JointControllers, or other ways to joint together model parts it would be really great.


Hello, I can see there is no reponse. Anyway, I have managed to solve it, I've seen that the Md3ToJme converter actually parses the tag transformations, so I have modified it to return them in a structure and I have created a new TagController to manage the whole. I will post the code very soon (I have to finish it first).