Using Lighting and PBRLighting as an output Node

Is there a way I can benefit from using an already existing Material Definition just like Lighting.j3md and PBRLighting.j3md as Output Node just like blender Principled BSDF?

I think what you’re looking for is: Shader Nodes :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

I did some work to convert PBRLighting to shader nodes last year: jMonkeyEngine | Library

The shader node editor has received an upgrade last year as well, and it would be interesting to get some feedback if you choose to use it.


That’s exactly what I’m looking for
I used shaderNode for a while now and I managed to replicate cartoon water from unity tutorial.
So will you convert the phong one also? it’ll be great to experiment with it, my next project is to make curve world with it
Thanks a lot for the Node

I have no plans for Phong lighting. PbrNodes was a combination of learning + finding issues to fix. But I agree, having a Phong shader would be a nice base.

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how unfortunate but great work for you to build this, keep the good work

Nothing unfortunate, it was a challenge to myself :slight_smile:
I haven’t made a library entry for this, but here’s a bunch of other shader nodes I made in the process: GitHub - neph1/ShaderNodesExperimental: Various basic Shader Node definitions.