Using MotionPaths

Hi. I have spent ages now trying to get this feature doing what I want it to. I want the camera (default first person camera) to start at the first way point specified in the motion path, and smoothly move through the list of waypoints, finishing at the end point. I can’t seem to get it working? I’ve looked at the TestMotionPath and TestCameraMotionPath examples, but it refuses to work.


Update: Got it working, but the motion path loops back to the start when finished? Ideas?

Look for something with cylce in it. Seriously the javadoc page is not black magic

Try to wrap your head around how to move things by setting their location and rotation and using the update loop / tpf. The motion path system really is only meant for cinematics which are created at one point (e.g. in an editor) and then played back later. Its not meant to move your things from A to B programmatically.