Using of math.Plane


I need to use the class Plane;

btw I don't understand its use…

what's the meaning of float constant in the constructor?

How do I decide the orientation of the plane?


The "constant" should be the distance to the origin, the normal must be of length 1. So normalconstant gives you a point on the plane. For all points the equation

(somepoint-(normalconstant)) . normal = 0

holds (the . is the dot product)

But after a short look into the methods and usages of Plane it seems to me that it was not tested (e.g. the intersection with a sphere seems to lack a sqr, the pseudoDistance seems to be squared, javadoc is quite nonsense…) - so use Plane with care and look into the code to find out if it does what you want…

Edit: Renanse is right below, no sqr error - as normal has length 1… my fault, should have taken a closer look  :slight_smile:

Thank you very much…

I'll try to give a sense to that words(not yours:the ones in javadoc)


…those words…! ://

Plane needs better docs, but the methods do what they are supposed to at this point.

what are they supposed to do so?

I feel littly confused  :?

Not a discussion for here, but definitely impetus to go fix documentation and clarify code.

Thanks Chris! :slight_smile: