Using Panorama-Pictures as "SkyBox"?

Hi there!
I am working on an Android-Application using JME. The user should be able to load panorama-pictures, taken by the camera of the smartphone with the panorama-functionality, into the scene.
My research about this topic was not very successful.
I found this:
and some further discussions about skyboxes here in the forum, but no real solution for loading some kind of panorama-picture as a Skybox.
I See the problem with an panorama-picture not having any sort of “sky”, but thats no problem in my scenario: the user should just be able to load some kind of (for him) well-known environment into the app.

Does someone here has an idea of how to implement some kind of skybox with a panorama-picture (7162x1080, jpg)?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

In the past I have used blender to manually create it.

Sort of like this video

but not for angular maps.

Well it’s not simple.
jME don’t support this kind of map for the regular SkyBox, to make it work you’d have to manipulate the map to make it a cube map, and that IMO is too much for android.
What you could do though, it to use a sky dome (an hemisphere with normals pointing inward), and have its texture coordinate work with this kind of map (you can do that in blender).
However I think that’s the first issue of a long serie, what you’re trying to do sounds fun, but it’s gonna be hard to have perfectly fitted maps with no seams with a picture taken by the user.
Also the map resolution will be awfully big, and at some point it has to fit on the GPU memory…So here again…you’ll have to manipulate it with the ImageRaster for example.