Using QuadMesh em JM3


I have a jmonkey application, but it was writing in 2.1 and all data and internal struct use QuadMesh class. This application changes the QuadMesh in runtime.

The problem is that QuadMesh class it not was implemented in jm3.

Any sugestion to port my 2.1 JMonkey application to jm3.



you could simulate a quad with two triangles. (Mostly graficcards are running better with triangles, so i guess thats the reason why)

You could simply port the quadmesh… I don’t think theres too much to adapt really as its mainly about the buffers. And yes, in the end also the jme2 quadmesh did trimeshes for rendering I guess.

This would require some changes in core, particularly in Mesh and Renderer. Any change you can avoid quads altogether?