Using Quads with picking/BoundingBoxes does not work

Hey guys!

For three days now I have tried but cannot even find a workaround for this problem:

I have a simple MenuGameState, there are quads in ORTHO Mode which should work as buttons. For this, I need to pick them or check for an intersect with a ray, and thus I need a BoundingBox for them. However, any attempt to assign a Bounding to a Quad results in the program not starting any more or rather, a black screen; no errors are displayed in the console. I tried picking by Bounding, by Triangles, using BoundingBox, OrientedBoundingBox and BoundingSphere.

A workaround would be to simply test the mouse coords against the quad's location and scale but I found no remotely easy way to find those in a format that is useful to me.

Any help would be appreciated, a simple code snippet showing me how to assign bounding or collisionchecking to a quad would be appreciated most :smiley:



our current boundings are for 3d objects and as such are not really useful for ortho quads.  At work I simply use mouse coords and a simple rectangle denoting boundaries to determine picks and mouse overs.

Hm, thanks for your answer. sounds simple but I seem to be either blind or stupid or both.

What method do you use to determine if the mousecoords are within a rectangle and how do you get the rectangles position in Screen coords as opposed to "real 3d" coords?

Sorry but I can't find anything on this in the API.


Somebody mentioned on the forum that it is possible to use ray picking with ortho bounds, by not converting the mouse coordinates to world space.