Using simpleRender

Hello. I am looking for examples that explain how to use simpleRender to modify the frame buffer and/or scene graph. The search function reveals five hits of which none give any actual example. My goal is to become more familiar with the lower level functionality of jme3 rendering queue.

Thank you.

What is it that you are actually trying to accomplish?

If it’s just learning then the source is available and not too hard to understand… one click away in the IDE. Otherwise, it’s a huge topic and knowing what you are trying to do would help narrow down where to point you.

I would like to know what the possibilities are with simpleRender. For example is it possible to directly alter the rendering queue? How can I use simpleRender to create post-render queue 2D effects? Can I use simpleRender to access the render buffers when using double/tripple buffers? Most of all I am curious as to the possibilities and how simpleRender is used.

Using the source works but having a few examples to look at never hurt.

Mostly the use-cases for simpleRender() are rare. You’d do all of the things you mentioned a different way: app states, scene processors, whatever. The FilterPostProcessor is an example of doing post-processing effects.