Using SSAO filter with 1080p fullscreen mode causing performance drop


I was using SSAOFilter in my project and I noticed that swithcing to 1920x1080 fullscreen caused a massive drop in performance. Playing with the profiler I found that in 1080p fullscreen “com.jme3.renderer.lwjgl.LwjglRenderer.checkFrameBufferError()” in is using a huge amount of resources. I tried other resolutions, fullscreen and windowed and found that turning to 1080p will make .checkFrameBufferError() use 20-30 times more resources than it otherwise would.

Hm istn it just calling the native aquivalent? Anyway i somewhat dislike the current state where all error checking is enforced, and not possible to skip for performance reasons.

(That call is probably not good implemented in your graficcard driver, as usually you only need it for debugging, i suspect that rarly released software still does all those checks)

Compared to what other resolutions?

Show a table with resolution, resources used & frame rate for identical test cases (just change screen size, no other changes) and we can see if it is normal or not…

Please take a look at
I had the opposite issue - for me, it was major resource hog in windowed mode.

rhaa…this thing is painful…
@Momoko_Fan we need a “no error check” mode for the renderer…

@nehon: Sounds like a driver bug. That call is required to ensure the FBO is valid, otherwise hell knows what kind of issues you’ll encounter.
Also it makes absolutely no sense to me why it would be slower at higher resolutions, it should just be checking the OpenGL state machine, not touching the content of the FBO.