V2.4.19B Bug (The world doesent generate and i die and get stuck when it generates)

This bug makes me die and have to reinstall to fix and im tired of it.

The bug is is that i fall to earth

LOOKING DOWN and i die for no reason at all.

then i go get my items then IM FROZEN or stuck in the NOW GENERATED WORLD.

This is annoying me now.

What version are you playing?

Does this happen in multiplayer games or single player games?

What are your computer specs? The problem you are describing would happen if the world is being generated very very slowly, so you fall into ungenerated areas…

Until we figure out exactly what is going on, the next time you get frozen in the generated world: Bring up a console (hitting enter) and type in “/goto 0 0” (without quotes) and hit enter. It should teleport you to a normal location.