I’m off for a much needed vacation. I’ll be gone from Sunday to Sunday. So, I won’t be around to bug you guys, sorry. I doubt I’ll have internet access as well, so I won’t be able to check e-mail or the board. But you never know, I might stumble across a computer. Stranger things have happened.

See you in a week!

Have a good one, Mojo, you deserve it. Bring me back one of those cocktail umbrellas.

Oh and hey, if you see a computer while you’re there, turn around and walk quickly away. Better yet, run! I’m still missing a few fingers from the last time I touched a computer on vacation… (should’ve waited till the wife wasn’t looking. :wink: )

Ahhh, I’m back. Refreshed, relaxed and ready to work again. My wife and I had a great time, got some sun, swam in the ocean, saw some whales, etc. Was a little depressing coming back to the desert.

I’ve seen quite a few improvements made, boundings, particle system, initial shader support. Way to go guys.

Time to get back to work.


How ironic, though, that there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in the desert! Anywhere but here, I suppose, where it’s still snowing and it was -20 this morning. Heheh. :slight_smile: