Various newbie Physics/shader Questions

first off I will apologize up front, I haven't reviewed the physics part of the sdk nor have ever played around with any other physics sdk, but after seeing the 'wall break demo' I have few questions mostly out of curiosity…

  1. Can different objects have different gravitational forces/directions associated with them, along with what other objects would effect/collide them.

    i.e. say the bricks on the top I want to fall off going UP, and the brinks on sides fall away to the sides, and bricks on the bottom fall of 'down', and maybe even the bricks in the 'center' fall in Z towards the camera.

  2. I noticed in the video that the ball (bullet) that was fired against the wall, appeared to go in direct line, rather then in an arc, with gravity pulling it down…I assume this is just an implementation detail and that the bullet/ball can be influenced by gravity as well.

  3. Sound and physics? when an object collides with another, in the physics models…is there a callback/function, indicating the properties of the collisions, speed, direction, points of contact…(not sure how points of contact would defined)…then in the call back naturally a sound effect would play…etc…according to the collision properties.

  4. Now that JME3 Fully supports shaders from the ground up, is it possible to define a shader such that all objects, or maybe even particular objects are rendered say…cartoon like.

    i.e. building on the 'wall break demo', it would be cool to have tutorial building a very simple game, where say…'rubber' duckies are on a 'conveyor belt', and you need to hit the ducks…with the ball, when you miss the wall, the wall gets hit…and slowy begins to fall apart…game ends when wall falls down, and possibly have a couple of different shaders that could be applied to the 'world'.

    hey…I had a couple of beers give me a break if my grammer/sentences are not quite accurate…or make sense :slight_smile:


  1. yes
  2. gravity is affecting the ball, but it has high velocity
  3. yes
  4. yes