Vector3f and Externalizable

In Alpha-2 Vector3f was still serializable (with the default serialization mechanics) there has seem to have been a change in this with Alpha-3. Is there any particular reason for this? I checked the log for Vector3f but couldn’t find a reason. There might be other classes affected but I haven’t thoroughly checked (Vector2f seemed fine at least).

No, why do you think so?

normen said:
No, why do you think so?

Now you have me confused, maybe it wasn't clear. In jME Alpha-2 Vector3f was serializable with the default Java mechanics. As of Alpha-3 this is no longer the case. Vector3f no longer defines the readExternal/writeExternal methods as you can see in the revision of the change.

My question was, is this a mistake (since Vector2f still has the default Java mechanic) or was this intentional?

Oh, this kind of serialization is deprecated in jME, use the import/export interface (read() and write()).

It must be related to networking, java standard serialization is slow, so custom serialization has been implemented.

This is from what I understood, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe @Levia or @Momoko_fan can tell you more about this.

As far as I understand it you don’t need to do anything special to “implement” the default serialization. Just add the interface and define a serialversionuid if necessary. I don’t see why you would want to remove the capability to use the default serialization mechanics (and in the process break existing code)

You could/should advocate the use of the jME serialization but there’s no reason to stop use of the default mechanic.