Vegetation Models Splattering Dinamically from alphas


I've been looking around these forums for a while and couldn't find any hints for this so I'm asking here.

I'm looking on creating vegetation with models applied dynamically to areas of terrain defined in an alpha. Just like with texture splattering, but instead of applying the texture, I want to splatter models (say grass billboards) in areas defined in an image file, or based on terrain height.

If you can point me in a right direction with some useful links I'd be most grateful. I'm new to jMonkey so I'm not sure how much this involves, but I hope people thought of it.


Well create a grass object, and use a image read library to create/position them.

If you use a terrain as ground, there are functions to get the high of it at a given x,y point

To make it look good, however ther are various things to keep in mind, since vegetation is one of the hardest subjects in game programming from my point of view. I suggest using google to get ideas about some concepts here first before trying my brute force vegetation attempt above.

Maybe somewhere to look.  :slight_smile: