Vehicle test problem

hi .
how can i test and steering ,move my car in vehicle editor correct?
i created and imported a car model to the jme3 3.1-alpha1 like this tutorial but i have a few problem.
1- i can not steering or move it.
this pic is befor start test.

and this pic is after test.

2- why the wheels Return inside (180 degree) when testing .the wheels should be like this.

Thank you for your attention.

i added stiffness. and now chassis is higher. but i can not move it.

Maybe I explained bad. Guidance plz

Due to how my game “works :D” I don’t use the sceneComposer for anything else than checking the hierarchy of a node, play with textures and such… so I don’t remember how my car wheels etc display there.

I would check if the test fancy car works there and if yes, see what’s different.

Your wheels are ‘inside out’, because your normals are not correct. Open the model in blender, select the wheels and hit ‘ctlr-n’ in edit mode.

thank u for answers. but the face normal are about true. you know the wheels befor click the test button are corect but As soon as click the test button the wheels return on inside (180 degree).
ok i change place the spatial of wheels node right in left .now it shows wheels correct but i dont know the way is true or not true.

indeed is it possible to run a model in the vehicle editor?? i can not yet.
and loopies how can i create a wheel nodes or chassis without vehicleEditor. after i create the nodes in vehicle editor i save it but when import the model into the fancycar test game
it cant find node for example chassis node and returns nullpointerException from the code

carNode = (Node)assetManager.loadModel("Models/car.j3o");
    Geometry chasis = findGeom(carNode, "Chasis");// chassis not found
    BoundingBox box = (BoundingBox) chasis.getModelBound();

thank u .

I haven’t yet worked on making my own vehicle models yet (I simply use the fancy car for now)… probably will in a couple weeks.

I know not a great answer, but I’d see how what the car.scene from the testFancyCar is made of using the sceneComposer and try making the same hierarchy in blender.

The reason it’s not finding your “Chassis” is that it’s named “Chasis” in your hierarchy ^^.

in fact it was a typing mistake in here excuseme i edited the post. it not finds and returns nullPointerException

i should learn more about jme vehicle.
thank u.