Vehicle wheel doesnt push moveable objects

I’ve found that when attempting to push something with a vehicle, only the body of the vehicle will push the objects, and the wheels do not. The video below shows what I mean. You see the first two attempts to push the object fail, but the third attempt works because the body of the vehicle collides. The vehicle has a mass of 50 and the moveable object has a mass of 1. Increasing the vehicle mass has no effect. Is it possible to change this behaviour?


Well its a ray, thats why its called raycast vehicle.

Honestly after watching this, I find it does the job. It looks pretty good. Also, if you look hard enough, you’ll always find faults and things you don’t like. Nothing’s perfect. Ever.

You could add a small mesh or box to the hull of the car at the front if you want it to push away stuff.

You could try to model your vehicle manually, eg two cylinders for wheels with a constraint that applies angual force. For most games that is not neccesary, thats why its usually just approximated witha wheel.

Well yeah usually a car or a quadbike or something four-wheeled will have a bumper in front of it and so this issue never really comes to light. My collisionShape doesn’t take the front of the motorbike into consideration. I ended up merging the front handle bars with the rest of the chassis since I won’t be steering in this particular case anyway, and so the new mesh includes the front bumper and kind of alleviates the problem somewhat except in smaller angles. It suffices and doesnt over-compicate the situation. Appreciate your help as always.

out of curiosity, how do you prevent vehicle to slide sideways? :slight_smile:

btw nice tags :smiley:
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Just force the z-position every frame, nothing special. I think the topic got spammed and somehow changed the tags.