Vel9 Studios - Game Audio

Dear Developers at jME,

I am a composer seeking to work with ambitious individuals and/or teams who are dedicated and would like to add custom audio to their project.

Projects of any size–trailers, demos, or long-term projects–are welcome.


  1. Previous Experience in game audio–titles can be seen on web portfolio
  2. Traditional training in music theory
  3. Well-equipped in-house digital studio that serves a wide variety of needs
  4. Quick turn-around
  5. Muse on speed-dial
  6. Well connected with live performers
  7. Understanding of Budgetary restrictions

  8. Custom Music 

      - Scoring/Production

      - Recording

      - Mastering/Mixing
  9. Live Performer and Talent Contracting
  10. Sound Design


    Ableton Live


    Albino 3



    Contact Info:

    AIM/iChat: legeorgian99

    Email: levan at

    Thank you for your time, and please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

February reel update :slight_smile: